How can I be part of the Inward Time Trial Rankings?

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How can I be part of the Inward Time Trial Rankings?

Post by Arix on Sat Dec 12, 2015 12:17 pm

Everyone has the chance to be in the rankings. If you follow ensuing instructions I will observe your time trial activity. There are some opportunities to make sure that I add your times in the rankings.

1) (recommended by me) Follow me on Miiverse (NNID: ArixdaWienaBua). I will take a look on your profile and if you have bike times. If yes I follow you back and register your (only Top 30) times.

2) If you trial with bike and kart on one NNID I maybe won't see that you have bike times. In this case you can contact me on Twitter or Skype (Twitter: @ArixdaWienaBua  Skype: exploex)I will accept your request and you can send me a picture of your time (proof).

3) You can also post a proof among the thread of the track you trialed. Just post a link with the picture in the post and I will register your time.

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